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Give clean water to 220 students and 240 families!

The Hun Sen Kong Maha Primary School needs a well and water filtration system that is large enough to provide access to clean drinking water to the 220 students enrolled as well as the 240 families in the surrounding community! The cost of a well is $2,400 USD. In addition to the well, a $1000 USD water filtration system will be installed to ensure the well water is drinkable, after which our partner, LDS Charities, will provide a hand-washing station and water storage tank to help improve hygiene practices of students and increase the capacity of clean water distribution to the Kong aha village. HELP International volunteers will teach water sanitation and hydration classes to the students and parents of the village and a village committee will oversee the well maintenance and distribution of water.

Cost Breakdown:

HELP International

  • Well Drilling and Electric Water Pump: $2,400
  • Water Filtration System: $1,000
    • Total: $3,400

LDS Charities

  • 5000L Plastic Water Tank: $480
  • Water Tank Stand: $500
  • Hand Washing Station: $1,500
    • Total: $2,480

Background and Problem

The Kong Maha village is about 15 kilometers out of the provincial capital of Kampong Cham Province. Traditionally the surrounding area is home to farmers who need wide open spaces to care for their crops and cattle. Today the village has expanded to include 240 families whose work has molded to fit the needs of developing Cambodia. Construction, factory work, and daily wage labour have joined rice farming as the main sources of livelihood in Kong Maha Village. Remote and fairly impoverished, the village has little access to clean water. Water trucks come twice a week to provide water for the entire community. Since water essential to survival, villagers are willing to pay for it but are forced to pay more than they should because of the difficulty of trucking it in. This means that families can only afford the minimal amount of water they need for drinking and cooking. Households with eight or nine people are usually share only two 10 liter bottles of water between themselves for 3-4 days at a time.

The families of this community are unable to pay expensive tuition fees to send their children to a private school; instead the children must attend the nearby public school which is underfunded, understaffed, and lacking facilities. The condition of the school discourages attendance and is likely linked to increased dropout rates as the quality of education received at this public school is also lacking. Kong Maha’s Primary school is known as the most destitute school amongst the surrounding villages. They do not have consistent access to water, with no access to clean drinking water. Thus the children must bring drinking water from home but the school does not have water for them to refill water bottles, wash their hands, or flush their toilets consistently. The school principal indicated that absence due to sickness (likely dehydration as well as illness due to lack of proper hygienic practices) is a serious problem in this school.

We thank you in advance for your donations and generosity!